Whilst working at Welling School I produced Art School Tactics, which is a deck of cards to aid art education and educators. The cards were devised by members of the Welling School art department and it is based on Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt’s Oblique Strategies.

It will be showcased at the TATE Modern on the 14th November as part of their Teachers Event.



Day 18. Me making shapes inside gold stretchy fabric.

A project to make one artwork a day. I wanted to challenge myself to make work quickly, whilst doing a full time job.

Some videos are here:

Day 8: https://vimeo.com/189827437

Day 20: https://vimeo.com/189818197

Day 21: https://vimeo.com/189818263

Day 23: https://vimeo.com/189829195


I have been collaborating with artist and activist Eva Freeman on a performance and installation that was part of the exhibition ‘We Shall Not Be Moved’ at RARA. The performance explores Eva’s personal experience of housing and home from her early childhood to the present day and looks at cultural constructs of an ideal home and a shifting reality that relates to the political and economic context.

The weekend of events, performances and discussions was part of the Art Licks Weekend from the 2nd – 4th October. For more info about the weekend please see http://artlicksweekend.com/event/we-shall-not-be-moved/

It was a wonderful month at De Liceiras 18, in Porto, where I was amongst a group of artist’s (Maja Renn, Jan Rybák, Julie Stopper and Ania Zuber) who were in residence throughout August. Throughout this time I made several films documenting the city from the perspective of objects that were being moved. Many of the objects I recorded were in the context of people doing manual labour, often in public spaces. Most people I approached agreed to the filming, although some people said no (mainly those working for company’s who required prior permission to film). To explain the project I wrote a transcription of the text in Portuguese. The video camera was attached to the object with tape.



A few of the films …

The work was exhibited in a group exhibition, ‘Why is the Universe so Large, Flat and Full of Structure?’ at De Liceiras 18 on the 23rd August. The films were shown on computer and mobile phones, borrowed from the other residents.


A phone with a camera was made available for people to attach to moving objects throughout the evening. The footage was streamed via skype to a computer in the room.

de lic22

Artist, Miles Umney, has made some beautiful films about Table on the Marsh. Table on the Marsh, is a dining table for 15 people, permanently situated in Walthamstow Marsh. The films were originally made as part of a fundraising campaign to raise money to repair to the table and benches, which over time had become damaged. The film includes audio footage from interviews I did with the public about their experiences with a table, as well as a poem made collectively with strangers I met whilst walking in the field where the table is.



As part of Collaborative Research Group I co-organised the symposium Work and Art: How Artists Make a Living at the University of Creative Arts in Canterbury. The symposium explored making a living and art practice and the day was split into 3 sections (Context, Anecdotal and How – to). There were some great talks and performances from Tatiana Baskakova, Emma Braso, Sam Curtis, Rebecca Gordon-Nesbitt, Susan Jones, Hurley and Thornton, Sarah Jones, Shama Khanna, Robert Laycock, Jasmine Pradissitto, Holly Rogers, Angus Sanders-Dunnachie, Tania Skakun and Carlos Noronha Feio.

There was also a beautiful reading room in the UCA’s Herbert Read Gallery consisting of publications, films and artwork by: Fani Bitou, Catterall/Martin, Jason Haynes, Alice Kemp, Sophie Mallet, Antonia Meile, Rose Parish and The Public Zine Library.

It was a great day and summary of 18 months exploration as part of Collaborative Research Group.


(thanks to Aine Belton for the graphic design and Louisa Love for the photo documentation)