Whitstable Biennale

I have been in Whitstable Biennale as part of Collaborative Research Group. We are based at the HQ for the Biennale, which is Kieren Reeds structure, From the Ground up, (A) Social Building.


The Biennale was launched with Fiona James’s ‘The Incident, A Diagram for Whitstable’, which was a co-commission between Collaborative Research Group and Whitstable Biennale. There was also a talk by The ARKA Group, which took place on the beach outside the HQ.

Events this weekend included a visit from MFI who are based at Flat Time House, who investigated and documented the site surrounding Kieren Reed’s structure. On Saturday there was a tour between different artworks at the Biennale, led by Anna Hart, Trish Scott, forager Michael White and property expert Mike Lilford. On Sunday, artist Bronwen Buckeridge, showing at this years Biennale, discussed her practice with Performance Curator at the Biennale, Emma Leach.

// The ARKA Group discuss their practice outside  From the Ground up, (A) Social Building //

arka group MFI

// MFI //

mfi MFI 5

// Bronwen Buckeridge with Performance Curator at the WB, Emma Leach //


// The Zine Library, housed inside the HQ //



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