Work and Art: How Artists Make a Living Symposium



As part of Collaborative Research Group I co-organised the symposium Work and Art: How Artists Make a Living at the University of Creative Arts in Canterbury. The symposium explored making a living and art practice and the day was split into 3 sections (Context, Anecdotal and How – to). There were some great talks and performances from Tatiana Baskakova, Emma Braso, Sam Curtis, Rebecca Gordon-Nesbitt, Susan Jones, Hurley and Thornton, Sarah Jones, Shama Khanna, Robert Laycock, Jasmine Pradissitto, Holly Rogers, Angus Sanders-Dunnachie, Tania Skakun and Carlos Noronha Feio.

There was also a beautiful reading room in the UCA’s Herbert Read Gallery consisting of publications, films and artwork by: Fani Bitou, Catterall/Martin, Jason Haynes, Alice Kemp, Sophie Mallet, Antonia Meile, Rose Parish and The Public Zine Library.

It was a great day and summary of 18 months exploration as part of Collaborative Research Group.

(thanks to Aine Belton for the graphic design and Louisa Love for the photo documentation)


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