Residency at De Liceiras 18

It was a wonderful month at De Liceiras 18, in Porto, where I was amongst a group of artist’s (Maja Renn, Jan Rybák, Julie Stopper and Ania Zuber) who were in residence throughout August. Throughout this time I made several films documenting the city from the perspective of objects that were being moved. Many of the objects I recorded were in the context of people doing manual labour, often in public spaces. Most people I approached agreed to the filming, although some people said no (mainly those working for company’s who required prior permission to film). To explain the project I wrote a transcription of the text in Portuguese. The video camera was attached to the object with tape.



A few of the films …

The work was exhibited in a group exhibition, ‘Why is the Universe so Large, Flat and Full of Structure?’ at De Liceiras 18 on the 23rd August. The films were shown on computer and mobile phones, borrowed from the other residents.


A phone with a camera was made available for people to attach to moving objects throughout the evening. The footage was streamed via skype to a computer in the room.

de lic22


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